Confidentiality, Code of ethics and Warning



In order to preserve the confidentiality of personal informations, and in accordance with the "Individual Protection Act", all the dates appearing in this database are first filtered. All dates relative to living or presumebly living individuals are modified to show only the year of occurance of an event (birthday, marriage, etc.). In the case of an individual with an unknown decease date, the program will consider any events older than 90 years from actual date as relative to a deceased individual and will accordingly show the date in details. Upon receipt of a formal request from any concerned individual, i will remove all his personal informations from this site.

Code of Ethics

This site adhere to all genealogical standards as recommended by the "National Genealogical Society". These rules were developped to make sure that the results of genealogical researchs are accurate and rigorous. All facts and events posted on this site must originate from an accurate and verifiable source. All asumptions or hypothesis must be indicated as such, and must be kept to a minimum. You can consult these standards at the following site: National Genealogical Society - Genealogical Standards.

Database inscription rules

In accordance with the preceding code of ethics and to standardize the database i developped a set of rules to register informations. You can consult these rules at the following page: Database inscription rules

*** Warning ***

Even with the great care and rigour that was invested in this research there could be some errors that got introduced (transcription, syntax, links, erroneous registries, etc.). I cannot guaranty the exactness of the information's that are on this site and I cannot be held responsible in case of errors or missing information's. This site should only be used as an informative support and every piece of information's should be checked against the appropriate sources. It will be my pleasure to make available every sources that i used to register an event or a person on this site.

Last update: June 14, 2014

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