Labelle vs Lebel - 2 different roots


These 2 family names are often associated but they constitute 2 differents families with different roots. People doing genealogical researchs on these families must be carefull since a lot of surname changes did happened over centuries between these 2 names. Thus individuals bearing the Labelle surname today could be link to the Lebel root and vice-versa. Since the spellings of these 2 names are so close it is not unusual to see these surnames exchange.

This is a list of all variations of both surnames (ref. source #172) with the number of occurrances before 1760:

Labbel (2) Baile (9)
Label (1857) Bel (63)
Labele (19) Bele (44)
Labelet (4) Bell (16)
Labelle (3015) Belle (34)
Labelles (5) Besle (5)
  Lebel (2097)
  Lebele (5)
  Lebell (1)
  Lebelle (358)

Quite a few individuals or families have also on top of their surnames an additional name called "dit" in french. This is a list of the "dit" names for the 2 surnames:

Benoit (1) Beaulieu (54)
Blanchard (1) Bert (1)
Camisard (2) Denis (1)
Charon (2) Devidepoche (2)
Claud (1) Duchesne (1)
Desormeaux (1) Duval (2)
Mignon (1) Laforme (1)
  Lafrance (1)
  Lagrenade (1)
  Lecan (1)
  Lizotte (4)
  Martin (2)
  Ouellet (2)
  Philippe (3)
  Sansoucy (1)
  Senneville (1)

The 2 ancestors for these surnames are:

Guillaume Labelle, arrived in Québec around 1667. He established himself in Montréal then moved to Ile Jésus (today Laval). His children will also established themself in Ile Jésus (St-François-de-Sales, St-Vincent-de-Paul, St-Martin, Ste-Rose, etc.) then they will start to move North of Montréal following the Thousand Islands River (Terrebonne, Ste-Thérèse, St-Eustache, etc.). Later they will start to move to the Laurentides area, following their famous cousin , le curé Labelle (St-Janvier, Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, St-Jérôme, Ste-Adèle, Ste-Agathe, Mont-Tremblant, etc.). At the same time (end of 19° century), a lot of them will take the route to the West, especially in the Ottawa and eastern Ontario region. A lot of families will also move south of Montréal, then from there to Northern United-States (Maine, New-Hampshire, Vermont, New-York, etc.). The ones from Ontario will then migrate further West (Manitoba, Wisconsin, etc.).

Short biography of Guillaume Labelle (by Félix Labelle) - in french only
Detailed biography of Guillaume Labelle (by Daniel Labelle)
Guillaume Labelle family table

Nicolas Lebel, arrived in Québec in the summer of 1654. He established himself in Château-Richer on the Côte-de-Beaupré near Québec city then he will move to La Pocatière on the south shore of the St-Lawrence river. His children will live in the surrounding villages (St-Rock-des-Aulnais, Kamouraska, Montmagny, etc.). Their children and descendants will mostly occupy the south shore toward Gaspésie (Rivière-du-Loup, Cacouna, Trois-Pistoles, Rimouski, etc.). A few of them will move to the Témiscouata area and to New-Brunswick. Finally a lot of families will migrate to United-States in the end of 19° century.

Short biography of Nicolas Lebel (by Jean Lebel) - in french only
Nicolas Lebel family table


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